Author Unknown

He was getting old and paunchy

And his hair was falling fast,

And he sat around the Legion,

Telling stories of the past.

Of a war that he once fought in

And the deeds that he had done,

In his exploits with his buddies;

They were heroes, every one.

And ‘tho sometimes to his neighbors

His tales became a joke,

All his buddies listened quietly

For they knew whereof he spoke.

But we’ll hear his tales no longer,

For old Bob has passed away,

And the world’s a little poorer

For a Soldier died today.

He won’t be mourned by many,

Just his children and his wife.

For he lived an ordinary,

Very quiet sort of life.

He held a job and raised a family,

Going quietly on his way;

And the world won’t note his passing,

‘Tho a Soldier died today.

When politicians leave this earth,

Their bodies lie in state,

While thousands note their passing,

And proclaim that they were great.

Papers tell of their life stories

From the time that they were young

But the passing of a Soldier

Goes unnoticed, and unsung.

Is the greatest contribution

To the welfare of our land,

Someone who breaks his promise

And cons his fellow man?

Or the ordinary fellow

Who in times of war and strife,

Goes off to serve his country

And offers up his life?

The politician’s stipend

And the style in which he lives,

Are often disproportionate,

To the service that he gives.

While the ordinary Soldier,

Who offered up his all,

Is paid off with a medal

And perhaps a pension, small.

It is not the politicians

With their compromise and ploys,

Who won for us the freedom

That our country now enjoys.

Should you find yourself in danger,

With your enemies at hand,

Would you really want some cop-out,

With his ever waffling stand?

Or would you want a Soldier–

His home, his country, his kin,

Just a common Soldier,

Who would fight until the end?

He was just a common Soldier,

And his ranks are growing thin,

But his presence should remind us

We may need his like again.

For when countries are in conflict,

We find the Soldier’s part

Is to clean up all the troubles

That the politicians start.

If we cannot do him honor

While he’s here to hear the praise,

Then at least let’s give him homage

At the ending of his days.

Perhaps just a simple headline

In the paper that might say:



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Status update

I have found it difficult to write about what is happening in our country since my heart attacks. I sincerely hope to be able to start writing again this summer – after my first anniversary.
I do apologize to all of you who have been reading my blog and have been disappointed in my absence these past seven months.
Thank you for your patience.

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Federal Kontrol

So, our government now: owns car companies; banks; controls food source & supply; controls the Internet; makes us believe they have given us a gift by not allowing income taxes to go back up.  TSA expands their reach to the nations highways, bus terminals, and weigh stations.  TSA?  They are not even a law enforcement agency!  What the hell?!?  What is next?  A new arms treaty that benefits the Ruskies?  Forcing Border Patrol Agents to use rubber bullets to defend themselves from terrorists using real bullets?

Enough people.  The elections showed that NO politician can be trusted.  RINOs simply caved on all these votes – is that what they promised to do for passage of the income tax extension?  For two frigging years!?!  It’s a good thing I’m not hooked up to a BP cuff – it would be off the chart!!!

Neither the federal government nor the politicians and appointees represent the people anymore.  Nor have they for the last 15/20 years.  Time for change, indeed!

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Daddy’s Poem

Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow.
Today was Daddy’s Day at school, and she couldn’t wait to go..

But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home.
Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone.

But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say.
What to tell her classmates; of why he wasn’t there today.

But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone.
And that was why once again, She tried to keep her daughter home..

But the little girl went to school, eager to tell them all.
About a dad she never sees, a dad who never calls.

There were Dad’s along the back wall, for everyone to meet.
Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats

One by one the teacher called, a student from the class,
To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed.

At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare.
Each of them was searching, for a man who wasn’t there.

‘Where’s your daddy at?’  She heard a boy call out.
‘She probably doesn’t have one,’ another student dared to shout.

And from somewhere near the back, She heard a daddy say,
‘Looks like another deadbeat dad, too busy to waste his day.’

The words did not offend her, as she smiled up at her Mom.
And looked back at her teacher, who told her to go on.

And with hands behind her back, slowly she began to speak.
And out from the mouth of a child, came words incredibly unique.

‘My Daddy couldn’t be here, because he lives so far away.
But I know he wishes he could be, since this is such a special day.

And though you can’t meet him, I want all of you to know.
All about my daddy, and how much he loves me so.

He loved to tell me stories, He taught me to ride my bike.
He surprised me with pink roses, and taught me to fly a kite.

We used to share fudge sundaes, and ice cream in a cone.
And though you cannot see him, I’m not standing here alone.

‘Cause my daddy’s always with me, even though we are apart.
I know because he told me, He’ll forever be in my heart’

With that, her little hand reached up, And lay across her chest.
Feeling her own heartbeat, beneath her favorite dress.

And from somewhere in the crowd of dads, Her mother stood in tears.
Proudly watching her daughter, who was wise beyond her years.

For she stood up for the love, of a man not in her life.
Doing what was best for her, doing what was right.

And when she dropped her hand back down, staring straight into the crowd.
She finished with a voice so soft, but its message clear and loud.

I love my daddy very much, he’s my shining star.
And if he could, he’d be here, But heaven’s just too far.

You see, my dad’s a soldier, and he died just this past year
When a roadside bomb hit his convoy, and taught brave men to fear.

But sometimes when I close my eyes, it’s like he never went away…’
And then she closed her eyes, and She saw him there that day.

And to her mother’s amazement, She witnessed with surprise.
A room full of daddies and children, all starting to close their eyes..

Who knows what they saw before them, who knows what they felt inside.
Perhaps for merely a second, they saw him at her side.

‘I know you’re with me Daddy,’ to the silence she called out. ‘
and what happened next made believers, of those once filled with doubt.

Not one in that room could explain it, for each of their eyes had been closed.
But there on the desk beside her, was a fragrant long-stemmed pink rose.

And a child was blessed, if only for a moment, by the love of her shining star.
And given the gift of believing, that heaven is never too far.

Take the time…to live and love   Until eternity. God bless!

I received this from my son while he was still in Iraq on his second tour.  I do not know who wrote this poem, so I am unable to give proper credit.  To whomever wrote this, Thank you!

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Security & Other TSA Myths

I’ve been reading loads of commentaries and 140 character opinions regarding the TSA and their “new” screening activities.  Let’s just say I am more than mildly annoyed at DHS, and, quite frankly, the US Government.  Instead of using security techniques that actually work, our government remains committed to political correctness at the expense of our Constitutional Rights.

The Israelis are the acknowledged world experts at all things security, and they think we are nuts!  The terrorists are in their caves and mud huts laughing at TSA attempts to keep us safe.  Everyone, except the brilliant minds at DHS, know these efforts are worse than futile.  It was said best by a security expert on TV over the weekend: Our security efforts are reactive, not proactive.  Amen to that!

The ACLU has gone to great lengths to make profiling illegal.  So, thanks to them, and their enablers, TSA feels it necessary and perfectly fine to grope, strip and humiliate Americans so we don’t offend someone.   Seems it is okay to humiliate Americans for appearance sake rather than being effective.  I am NOT surprised the ACLU is silent on these invasive search techniques.  What are they going to say?  Oops, profiling works…  Not on your life.  Political correctness is much more important than, say, our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I get angry when I see TSA agents near strip searching uniformed members of the military; I get angry when I see TSA agents fondling children; I get angry when I see TSA agents humiliate the elderly; the infirm; the general public, all in the name of national security.  What a frigging joke, people!  How long are we, as a nation, going to take this Big Government intrusion into our lives?  What is is going to take to get us to say NOStop Now!?  I am waiting for the next step in DHS attempts to keep us safe.

The next logical step taken by DHS/TSA will be when Pistole or whatever that goon’s name is, and Janet ‘Napoleon’, decide that because the Saudi’s found explosives in a terrorist’s anus, body cavity searches will be mandatory for all passengers.  Do you think Americans will drop and bend for this?  Or will they quit acting like sheep and tell the Feds “Enough is enough!”

Yes, I am disgusted.  Yes, I am angry – at the Feds and at Americans in general.  I think this nation has too many sheep as citizens and not enough Patriots.  Well sheep.  Prepare for another fleecing and who knows what else your government has in mind for you.

Get mad people.  Tell your government enough is enough!

72 Words

Federal law requires everyone who enlists or re-enlists in the Armed Forces of the United States to take the enlistment oath. The oath of enlistment into the United States Armed Forces is administered by any commissioned officer to any person enlisting or re-enlisting for a term of service into any branch of the military. The officer asks the person, or persons, to raise their right hand and repeat the oath after him. The oath is traditionally performed in front of the United States Flag and other flags, such as the state flag, military branch flag, and unit guidon may be present.

I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

This simple oath has been taken by millions of men and women over the course of our nation’s history, and, by doing so, have offered their lives, their futures to protect and defend the United States of America. Some have been asked to forfeit their lives because they chose to take that oath. Still others carry physical scars because they chose to take that oath. All carry memories of friends, enemies, and events because they chose to take that oath. That oath takes but a few moments to say. Most who take that oath the first time do not realize the magnitude or the potential ramifications of that oath. I took that oath on entry to the US Army, and I took a similar oath when I became a law enforcement officer. I have been released from neither, nor do I wish to be.

Simply put, taking the oath means you have made it your personal responsibility to “Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic…”. You are telling the whole world “This is my Country, and I will defend her. I will not allow you to do her harm!” You have given your country a blank check with your name on it. You have stood straight and said with clear voice standing before your fellow citizens “My Country will be Free, even if it costs me my life!”

72 words. Takes less than one minute to recite. Its meaning? Almost unfathomable to those who have not spoken those words with their right hand held high, and have worn a uniform of the United States military. Short answer to what it means: You are a Patriot.

Oklahoma, Voters, Federal Judge & Sharia Law

I am of the opinion that it is time for the states to start taking care of themselves – even form alliances with like-minded states.  No, I am not talking secession.  I am talking about telling Federal Judges to mind their own damn business and implement the Constitutional change the voters of Oklahoma overwhelmingly approved.  I know a voting citizen of Oklahoma is upset.  Well, too bad, get over it.  The voters have spoken and it is NOT up to a Federal Judge to decide if she likes it.  I know Judges could care less what the law says as they think they are Gods themselves.  Well, Oklahoma Secretary of State, I suggest you tell the Federal Judge to get off her high horse and go find a real job, and then certify the election and add the lawfully passed amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution.

Concerned with US Marshals coming to visit?  Don’t be.  You’ve got the OHP and the National guard, not to speak of local law enforcement agencies.  They out number the Marshals and you have plenty of jail space for Marshals intent on being stupid.  You could also arrest the Judge and charge her with numerous crimes including: treason, dereliction of duty, et al.

Sadly, the Federal Government has become unresponsive and irrelevant in our society.   Yes, the election results hold the possibility of improving the welfare of the state, but, remember, politicians were elected, and they cold care less, generally speaking, of what is best for our country.  Politicians are in it for themselves, period, so don’t hold your breath waiting for D.C. to improve economic and social conditions in the U.S.

States are going to have to take charge to make any worthwhile change in our country.  Look at the border states.  Have the Feds done anything to improve the safety and welfare of the citizens of those areas?  No, all the Feds have done is post warning signs to keep Americans off American soil.  The Federal Government is so inept it cannot protect American citizens from narco-terrorists and thugs who roam freely about our country.  What the Feds can do is sue states that try to protect their citizens, as is their responsibility.  According to the Feds, all of the citizens of the border states are expendable, and are worth less than illegals swarming into our country.

Enough is enough.

TSA Screenings or Pornography?

I have never been a fan of airport passenger screenings, even when they were relatively benign.  I have always thought they were a violation of my Constitutional Rights.  Why the Federal Government believes it has the right to infringe on my ability to fly escapes me – other than they can.  Recent “improvements” to airport screenings now just piss me off.  Please excuse my language, but it really does make me mad!

I’ve been reading lots of stories about how TSA employees are abusing citizens either in the full body scanners – read strip search – to full body feel-ups, not pat-downs.  I, for one, have absolutely no plans or desire to ever fly again.  What I look like sans clothing is nobody’s business but my wife and my Doctor.  It sure as the dickens isn’t some TSA rent-a-cop who wouldn’t have any idea what to do with a terrorist, if they could figure out what one looks like.

Look, I am no fan of the ACLU, but I really hope they decide to get ticked off about these strip searches, and file a whopper of a lawsuit for unreasonable searches and child pornography.  I also hope law enforcement watches these folks at TSA, and if they are found to have captured and sent images out-of-network, they prosecute them.  I know, TSA and DHS say images can’t be captured or sent across the Internet.  Well, that moronic statement has already been disproven, hasn’t it.  We have all seen the photos that have been posted on news sites with the “special” areas blurred.  Bet they weren’t blurred when the newsies got them.

Folks, it is time DHS, TSA, the White House, and Congress heard our voices.  We need to tell them “No more electronic strip searches, and No more feel ups of Americans!”  If more folks refused to be groped and manhandled and quit flying, I bet the airlines would spit and sputter all the way to Congress.  I do not recall which of our Founders said it, but: “Those who willingly give up Liberty for Security have neither.”  Well, do you feel safer now that our government is watching and feeling you in all your glory?

Republic for Which It Stands

Good morning, America. Today is Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Today is another miracle in the history of our Republic. For 230 plus years Americans have been asked to take and cede power over fellow Americans – peacefully. This is unheard of throughout history. Yes, there are numerous examples of democracies in current and ancient history; however, none, not one country before or after the formation of the United States of America, has a history of ceding non-violent control of government transitions except this incredible Republic known as the United states of America. Every time you exercise your right to vote you are living and creating history.

This country is the envy of the world; although, they will never say that in public. It is fashionable to say so. The proof of this is in the number of people who want to come here to live and work from all over the world. The vast majority of whom really do come here to improve their lot and not plot the destruction of this “Shining beacon on a hill”. These folks are what makes us great. They are us – we are them. Have you seen how a new citizen looks after they have cast their very first ballot? It is a moving experience not only for them but for those around them as well.

How do you look or act when you go vote? Are you excited? Happy? Bored? Is voting a tedious exercise that must be tolerated? Do you even bother to vote because “My vote won’t make a bit of difference.” Do you look upon your vote not as a right or responsibility, but as an optional behavior? If I have time I’ll go vote. I would vote if I’d registered. I’d vote if I got my absentee ballot. If, if, if… If you are willing to give up your right and responsibility to vote, what constitutional guarantees are you willing to forgo? Your vote does make a difference. By voting you have made your voice heard – remember, politicians work for the people. We do not work for them.

Please, know the issues, know who is running; do NOT vote a straight party ticket unless YOU decide that is the right way to cast your ballot. Vote responsibly, but VOTE! Vote like your future depends on it, because it does!

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Juan Williams

Let me be clear.  I do not agree with most of what Juan Williams says on air or in print.  However, I do enjoy listening to him because he is thoughtful in his remarks and actually listens to those he disagrees with without interrupting them.  He is a gentleman, and I like him.

It is appalling NPR fired Juan Williams for expressing an opinion on Fox’s Bill O’Reilly program last night.  According to NPR’s CEO Mr. Williams should have kept his opinion to himself and his therapist.  Whatever…  Had Mr. Williams criticized Christianity all would have been well and CAIR would have applauded and defended him rather than call for an action or whatever it was they demanded of NPR.

This PC crap is out of hand!  Many NPR “reporters/commentators” have said vile things about Christianity and conservatives with NO ACTION taken nor contemplated, as far as I know.  I guess if you are criticizing conservatives, Christians, and/or our military your job at NPR is secure.  It is my opinion that NPR wants to stifle 1st Amendment Rights of its employees – well, as long as their voiced opinions are in lock-step with NPR.  Lock-step; sounds like something from world history…  Oh yes, Hitler and Stalin demanded lock-step in action and voiced opinion from their people, or they disappeared in the middle of the night.

NPR should lose all taxpayer funding immediately, and should have to work for funding like any business, other than GM, Chrysler, and some financial institutions, or close shop.  If they can’t make it in the business world, too bad, so sad.  I sincerely hope folks across the country quit listening to NPR to help them stagger into oblivion.

Congratulations to Fox for signing Mr. Williams to an expanded role!  Smart move.

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