Celebrity love by Politicians & Media

September 17, 2009

Why do politicians and the media pay so much attention to celebrities?  I am not talking about reports of drug use, misbehavior or their latest scandal.  I am talking about the attention they get when they start spouting off about politics, national security and social issues.  Politicians invite celebrities to speak at televised hearings on a host of issues and treat them like experts without serious questioning.  The media give celebrities a platform to render their opinions and throw softball questions to reinforce their “expertise” to the viewing public.

Some celebrities do, in fact, study issues and are able to become “lay experts” while others become “lay experts” on various social issues.  Bono’s work for feeding Africa is a good example.  Most celebrities, primarily actors, words and stated opinions are given deference as fact without acknowledging a simple fact: Actors simply regurgitate what is fed them.  They Act, period.  Most times they don’t even know they are acting.  Look at the marriage and divorce rates.  They live in a fantasy world and wouldn’t know reality if it smacked them in the face.  I won’t say they are incapable of original thought, but…

Yes, they have the same right of free speech all Americans enjoy, but the deference they are shown as opposed to everyday Americans like “Joe the Plumber” makes one nauseous.  Do you suppose politicians will invite regular citizens to testify in committee sessions?  Do you suppose media outlets will invite regular citizens to be interviewed on their thoughts on issues they deem important?  I don’t think so either.


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