Looking into the past with Harmful Intent

September 21, 2009

I have been contemplating the ramifications of AG Holder’s decision to appoint a special prosecutor to “review” the terrorist interrogation techniques of the Bush administration.  With the revelation today that AG Holder has not even reviewed the CIA memos regarding interrogation I can no longer withhold comment.

If AG Holder was simply interested in justice, he could do his own review and issue a press release; however, to immediately jump to appoint a special prosecutor means he assumes wrong-doing on CIA’s part or hopes to find something he can parade to the liberals in order to elevate his standing.  His decision followed President Obama’s speech to intelligence employees giving them his full backing and praise of “well-done” after being slandered by Speaker Pelosi and other high ranking politicians.  Now the special prosecutor comes to second guess interrogation actions and Justice Department attorney memos and opinions with the INTENT of finding fault and punish all involved including the attorneys whose opinions were used as the basis of law.  All this even though a comprehensive review of all interrogation activities was done, and where criminal activity or unprofessional conduct was found appropriate action was taken including the prosecution of a CIA contractor.

I would call this Monday morning quarterbacking if the implications of this investigation weren’t so onerous.  How can anyone be comfortable in making a decision based on current law knowing political maneuvering could result in their being convicted and imprisoned at a later date because the law was changed to better fit Washington’s mood?  The knowledge that acting within the law one day and the law being changed the next and made effective retroactively to an arbitrary date in the past is going to stifle any attempt of people doing their jobs of protecting us.  How does this keep us safe?

I can see the future of intelligence: every interrogator, intel gatherer, analyst, or operator will have an attorney physically present while at their posts to advise them on the potential criminal proceedings awaiting them in the wings.  I am sure they will be very effective at their jobs, and won’t be hindered in the timeliness of presenting results…

AG Holder’s special prosecutor will have but one effect on national intelligence operations.  It will come to a screeching halt.

Could this be the prelude to lay ground work for war crimes charges against President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, and anybody else advising the Bush Administration?  Could this include senior military officers and grunts simply doing their jobs?  If so, what does this mean for our future?  Will future administrations launch witch hunts to satisfy extreme political desires?  Will our Republic survive this irresponsible and ill-advised fishing expedition?

President Obama could solve this problem by informing AG Holder that second guessing the past is not productive nor worth the danger to our Republic, but he will not as he rejected any responsibility for his Attorney General’s actions during his Sunday talk show circuit.


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