State Department Shenannigans

September 22, 2009

Why is the Obama Administration penalizing the Honduran Government?  Former President Zeyala attempted to illegally change the Honduran Constitution to enable him to remain in office for life.  He appears to be inspired by Chavez of Venezuela and Morales of Bolivia.

Honduras is a democratically operated government, and when Zeyala attempted this illegal maneuver the Honduran Supreme Court rejected his attempt and ordered his arrest.  The military arrested him and he was sent into exile.  For acting to protect their constitution our Secretary of State ordered visa suspensions for most of the Honduran Government.  Other sanctions have followed as has condemnation from our President, Secretary of State, and political leaders.  Our President and Secretary of State are demanding Zeyala be re-instated or more severe sanctions will be brought.

Why?  Why is Honduras protecting its own Constitution a bad thing?  They were following their laws – Zeyala was not.  In spite of the awful rhetoric directed from D.C. to Honduras the Hondurans are standing strong in support of their democracy.  The military acted to preserve the Constitution at the direction of their Supreme Court.  It was not the usual military coup installing yet another despot.  They withdrew and an interim President was appointed.  Elections were not canceled nor were rights and freedoms enjoyed by citizens suspended.

What goal(s) is the U.S. pursuing with these demands?  What is the purpose of these U.S. demands?  Does our government really prefer a Socialist government in Honduras?  If so, why and does this stand by the Obama Administration pose a danger to our Republic?


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