What Are We Missing? Part II

September 29, 2009

Have you noticed how every speech or presser coming from the White House is a “CRISIS”?  They insist these crises must be acted on now or immediately or mankind will suffer irreparable harm as a direct result of the US failing to act.  They do this to create a smokescreen; to keep us distracted from their attempts to restrict our freedoms and rights by an ever larger and intrusive government.

I wrote earlier about “What are we missing” in my blog not really knowing how much I was missing.  As an individual there is no way to keep up with all the shenanigans going on in DC.  Fortunately, there are numerous Americans watching and talking about the legislation Congress and the media are trying to keep us, the simple masses, ignorant.

For example, if you go to your representative’s website and type in a description like “firearms” you will find 50 listings dealing with firearms.  Some are simply housekeeping; some have been dropped; and some are quite onerous.  H.R.45.I.H, H.RES.351, and S.843.IS deal with a national registration that includes listing firearms on your IRS tax forms, and include severe penalties for failing to disclose ownership.  These listings to the IRS will be given to the US AG for review to determine your eligibility to own a firearm.  There is another bill before the Senate regarding Veteran’s firearms ownership.  It involves weapon purchases/procurements made outside of the continental US, and includes a provision for confiscation with potential prison and monetary penalties.  It also allows for a “voluntary” disposal provision.  If the weapon is turned over to local Law Enforcement Agencies for destruction within a period of time to be determined by the US AG, if the weapon is found to be illegal, no punishment will be forthcoming to the veteran or their families.  This is apparently aimed at weapons brought home from previous wars as war trophies.

I wrote my Congressional Representative, Mike Coffman, and asked for his position on these and similar bills and what the chances are of their passing into law.  I will post his response in this blog as an update when I receive it.  (I did not write my Senators – Bennett/Udall – as they are both firmly entrenched in the Obama Plan and do not represent anything I stand for.)   Well, that little search scared me so much I quit looking – for now, at least.

This Congress and the Obama Administration seem intent on minimizing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and changing our Republic into a European Socialist Democracy.  They are, with the help of the fourth estate, public schools, and the courts, pushing the very notion of God out of public view and discussion, and are attempting to elevate government and Obama as the way to saving mankind.

New polls show the majority of Americans want Congress to slow down and really think about what needs to be done with health care and health insurance.  So, what does Congress do?  They push even harder to pass a bill that will wreck our economy, could put seniors at risk (Medicare), give illegal aliens taxpayer funded care, and fund abortions.  They are resisting calls for a 72-hour wait before the bill is passed from committee to the Senate floor.  They are resisting a 72-hour wait before the bill is voted on by the Senate.  Why?  Because they know the “commoners” will raise Cain about this intrusion into their lives by the Feds.  (The final version isn’t done yet but these amendments and others are being discussed to be included in the Baucus bill currently in Senate hearings.)  Suffice it to say Congress is not listening to us in spite of what they heard at town hall meetings.  Congress still believes we work for them and simply are not smart enough to know what is in our best interest.  When is this abuse of power going to stop?  Can we stop them?  Will there be enough time to remove these abusers from Congress in 2010 to salvage our Republic?  Will there still be a Republic in January 2011, or will this country be morally and fiscally bankrupt with more of a resemblance to Zimbabwe than to the country our Founders created?

I ask again.  What are we missing?

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