A Call To Arms

October 4, 2009

It is time, America.  It is time to arm yourself.  It is time to confront waste, corruption, and abuses of our Constitution and States Rights in Washington, D.C.

Arm yourself with facts; arm yourself with the truth – not as you believe it to be.  Not with facts you have not researched.  Just because a story or video is posted on the Internet does not make it true.  Look or ask for documentation that proves your position.

Armed thusly, respectfully – not with anger or vitriol – confront your Representative and Senators asking for direct answers to direct questions.  If forthright answers are not offered, ensure word of their evasiveness receives attention by talking to reporters covering the event; write Letters to the Editor; write Op-Ed pieces.  Call talk-radio shows.  Speak to your neighbors, family, and friends.  (Make sure you take accurate notes and/or record your question and answer sessions.  Let them know you are doing so.)  Always ask for an answer to be repeated or clarified, if necessary.

If substantive answers are still not forthcoming, throw your support to a candidate who shares your values, and do everything you can legally do to get them elected.  Do not give up!

Keep questions to the subject at hand.  If open sessions are available to you, have at it.  Be specific with questions.  Quote the bill number and quote from portions of the bill, if follow-on questions are necessary.

Let your Representative and Senators know you will be following their activities and will demand answers, if they stray from their promises.

Too long have we remained quiet.  Too long have we distanced ourselves from the political process allowing Congress to do as they pleased, rather than in our best interests.

Keep yourself armed.  Keep yourself involved.  Keep them aware you are watching.  Keep them aware you are looking over their shoulder.

Let US take back control of OUR country!

I ask God’s Blessing for the United States of America.  I ask God’s Blessings for our Men and Women in uniform and standing in Harm’s Way!


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