Afghanistan, Part II… er III maybe IV

Update: October 18, 2009

President Obama’s Chief of Staff now says “No troop increase until we see if the US has an effective partner in Kabul”. (emphasis added)  I agree the Afghan government is jacked up, but Iraq’s government isn’t in much different shape.  Corruption is prevalent in both governments, (you’d think they are copying the US Congress…) and we still surged in Iraq – and won, much to the chagrin of Kerry, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al.  President Bush made the hard choice of doing what is right rather than what is politically expedient.  The difference between the choices in Iraq -v- Afghanistan?  Who is in charge!  Conservatives nearly always do what is right regardless of opinion and liberals nearly always do what the polls and their extremist supporters demand of them.  It is a known fact liberals loathe the military believing hand-holding, apologies, and making-nice will always win our enemies approval – just look at Chamberlin and Hitler; Clinton and any rogue nation…   Face it, liberals are weak-kneed, indecisive, and scared when it comes to national defense, national security, and any measure that requires Federal action to protect American citizens.

I sincerely hope Americans remember liberals would rather implement socialist laws while ignoring our troops when voting next month, 2010 and 2012!

October 15, 2009

What to do with Afghanistan?  The Afghanistan COIN report has been ready for action by the President for quite some time now.  The President has been talking with his NSC staff and Congressional “experts” on what to do – what new strategy to implement and replace the other new strategy enacted last spring.  These “experts” include VP Biden, whom we all know to be an expert in all things military and foreign policy – like dividing Iraq into three or more regions since the war can not be won…  The President knows he has to make a decision and that is the problem.  He doesn’t like to make decisions.  He prefers to delegate or abdicate his responsibility to Congress and others so he doesn’t have to take ownership if all does not go well.

In order to appear to actually doing something, the President has staffers reviewing, commenting, clarifying, and stonewalling.  He says, through spokesmen, memos and leaks, ‘we must be judicious in our approach’; ‘we must ensure we make the proper decisions’.  (Paraphrased)  It seems not to matter his hand-picked General has made his recommendations with the approval of his CENTCOM boss.  The President is looking to make a politically acceptable decision rather than a military decision.  He wants to the outcome to make him look good rather than make our military successful.

It seems victory is not his ultimate goal since this Administration does not even consider actions against terrorism a war but a law enforcement activity.  Sound familiar?  LBJ tried something similar to this Afghan piecemeal approach in a little place called Vietnam, and turned victory into defeat.  The US decimated the guys in the little black PJs, yet we lost that “police action” because LBJ and his NSC staff were inept, and, as a result, many thousands of Americans were killed because of Washington’s stupidity!  I pray our military is given the resources they need to destroy the guys in the little white robes.

If the military is allowed to conduct operations similar to those used to defeat the Sunni uprising and cause the Sunni Awakening, there is hope.  If they are not allowed to operate as a strong military force, then there most certainly will be change.

God bless our troops, their families and the United States of America


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