Healthy Days Are Coming, Comrades!

November 7, 2009

Well, the House did it.  They passed what has been termed “possibly the worst piece of legislation ever offered” (or words to that effect).  2000 plus pages of language that would frustrate any law professor on earth, create well over 100 new bureaucracies, and has a CBO estimate of between 1.2 Billion and Three Billion dollars in the first decade.  Well golly gee, thank you Congress for being smarter than us poor huddled masses.  What could we do without you?

Aside from bankrupting our country and killing off medical services for the elderly and payment for doctor services, (which party wants you to die with their health plan?) this plan will also kill off existing small business expansion and dissuade entrepreneurs from starting new businesses.  Who, regardless of their state of mind, would want to start a new company, add employees, and grow their business knowing they will be punished if they are successful with additional taxes on them and their employees.  Add an employee, pay higher tax; offer health care the government doesn’t like, pay higher tax; don’t offer health care, pay higher tax. Gosh, anyone see a developing pattern?  The payment proposals contained in this bill are nothing short of jaw-dropping.  An effective tax rate of 45% on incomes exceeding $400,000 +, and 39.5% on incomes over $335,000.  (The dollar amounts listed are close to the actual but may be off a bit.)  Does anyone actually believe these rates won’t be adjusted significantly higher and the income level lowered to have a remote chance to pay for this folly?  I think it is a good bet we will see a maximum rate of 80% on incomes exceeding $100,000 and 60% on incomes between $30,000 and $100,000 within three to five years of the bill’s adoption.  Of course, if you are here illegally you will not be required to pay income tax at all regardless of income level.

One good thing coming from this piece of cra, excuse me, legislation is oil might continue to drop because unemployment will continue to rise unless the rest of the world sees how utterly worthless the American dollar is and bails out on it.  (Zimbabwe won’t be able to hold a candle to our inflation rate.)

This Administration and Congress know draconian measures regarding care for the sick and elderly will have to be enacted to have any hop of containing costs after the first five to ten years.  Does anyone, now, really believe this government when they said death panels are a myth?  I am also really excited about tax money being used to fund abortions at will.  How soon, do you think, until the new Socialist States of America government passes a bill limiting the number of children a couple may have and forcing expectant mothers to undergo abortions if they attempt to exceed the allowed number of children similar to China?  I can only hope the Senate sees this bill for what it is: Yet another government takeover of private industry and further intrusion into our lives – more erosion of our Constitutional Rights.  What could possibly come next?  Unelected Administration officials determining pay rates – Umm, wait a minute…

Before TARP, TARP II, and the stimulus I was just mad at the Federal Government.  Now I am scared.  This, and future administrations, will now have unfettered access to ALL of my personal information – and yours.  They have always had more access to personal info than I have liked but it was a bit of a pain to gather it all in one nice neat package.  That will no longer be true.  Why are we allowing our government to get so big they can forcibly make us behave as they want?  No, I am not exaggerating.  Once enacted, if we do not do exactly as they say, health care can and will be denied for us, our children, our spouses and/or our parents and grandparents until we agree to do as we are told.  Remember, this bill also has criminal penalties included to enforce cooperation – similar to the Soviet Gulags of the 20th Century, just not as long a sentence – maybe.

I have heard folks talk about changing what is going on come the 2010 elections.  I don’t know if we can salvage our economy or our Constitution, if we have to wait until January 2011.

This is not the country I swore three oaths to protect and defend.  Socialism has no business existing in our Republic.  My bad, it is a Republic no more.  I may move to Israel.  I may move to Israel even if Iran drops a couple of nukes on it.  Living in a nuclear wasteland will probably be better than staying in what is becoming a cesspool of a country.

Have a nice day.

NOTE: I regret calling our nation a cesspool.  Shouldn’t have written this post while tired and mad.  I should have called DC a cesspool as it would have been far more accurate.  For those who are disappointed in what I said, I apologize and will endeavor to not make such a mistake again.  No, I am not moving to Israel – can’t afford it right now and there is still a chance to return our country to what the Founding Fathers wanted it to be.


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