Decisions Can Suck!

November 18, 2009

Our Commander-in-Chief has yet to make a decision regarding his “war” strategy in Afghanistan.  News reports indicate a decision could be forthcoming after January 1, 2010.  The Administration through the State Department and others has stated victory is no longer our goal for Afghanistan, and a stable democracy is not part of the strategy either.  Excuse me?  Why then are we there?

A politician or spokesman said the Afghans need to take over the war effort and security for their country.  Is this Administration saying we have done all we can for the Afghan people?  The Obama administration seems to be setting the table for withdrawal from Afghanistan – they don’t like Karzi because his government is corrupt.  Whatever…  Seems to me the Iraq Government was nearly or just as corrupt when the surge was implemented in 2007.  Gee, should we have withdrawn then instead of DOING THE JOB RIGHT?  Afghanistan has been the forgotten war.  President Bush and his Administration did a POOR job of managing it.  That does not mean we should quit and leave the country vulnerable for the Taliban and Al Qaeda to over-run and begin re-building their terrorist regime.  We should prosecute this war with all tools available to our troops.  Let them engage and destroy the enemy without these nonsensical Rules of engagement!

The folks running our country are CLUELESS!  The indecisiveness of the liberals in charge is emboldening terrorists across the world.  They know this Administration is weak and victory is close.  If they can stage an attack on US soil they know the Administration will not respond militaristically as they understand Liberals generally loathe the military and what it stands for.  They know Obama considers terrorism as a law enforcement function.  They know US Law Enforcement is not capable of defeating them or even slowing them down.  I am sure they laughed out loud at AG Holder’s announcement to try Al Qaeda leaders in Federal Court – so did I because it is a joke!

Isn’t it just awesome our government is giving terrorists a public platform to espouse their jihadist rhetoric?!?  To be able to recruit from the courtroom?  Defense attorneys will ask for, and receive classified intelligence data that will be delivered to Al Qaeda for them to use against us.  (I strongly disagree with Judge Napalitano’s position regarding prosecution of terrorists must take place in Federal Court.  Even though this is an undeclared war captured combatants are not entitled to our constitutional rights unless they are captured on our soil.  I don’t believe these folks are even entitled to protections granted by the Geneva Conventions as they are not wearing the uniforms of any nation or state.  They can and should be treated as spies using the Geneva Convention’s guidelines.  I believe they should be interrogated harshly to gain actionable intelligence.  (No, I don’t condone torture – it doesn’t work.  Torture victims routinely say what they think they captors want to hear.  Harsh interrogations do work.  Think KSM.))

Mr. President, make a decision.  Either give your hand-picked General what he asked for or declare defeat and withdraw our troops.  Don’t leave them in Harm’s Way wondering what they are supposed to do except try and survive.  I know it is difficult and a new way of acting since you’ve spent most of your adult life avoiding making any decisions.  Being accountable can suck, but, guess what?  You are the President and you are responsible regardless of your desire to blame Bush, Republicans, Tea Party members or whomever.  If you aren’t comfortable with having to take a stand and make a decision that might not be popular with some of your left-wing supporters, resign.  But that would mean making a decision too, wouldn’t it…


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