Mosques, Sensibilities, and the Bill of Rights

August 18, 2010

Mosques, sensibilities, opinions, and the Bill of Rights.

Well, I guess I should weigh in on the mosque controversy since I seem to be the only one in the world to not have done so already… Even though I don’t live anywhere near NYC and haven’t been there since the late 70s, I have the urge, just like politicians, to bless all those who hear and read, with my wisdom regrading this controversy. After all, Madame Speaker believes there is a (vast) conspiracy regarding opinions being bandied about, and wants an investigation into who is funding these opinions. I want my share of the funds as I have an opinion, too! Can anyone tell me what the price of an opinion is going for nowadays? (I could have been rich had I known people were paying for ’em. Heck, I’ve been giving ’em away free for most of my life!)

I am sure New Yorkers are waiting breathlessly for politicians from around the country to call press conferences so they can show how troubled or distressed they are with mosque opinions. They must be waiting for their opinion cash, I mean, campaign donations.

Yes, these folks can build their mosque wherever they choose with the proper permits. I don’t know if they will find any union crews willing to build their mosque, and I do believe you have to belong to a union to be in the construction industry in NYC and maybe the State of New York. They are free to practice their religion as guarenteed by the Bill of Rights. That said, building their mosque there isn’t a very friendly way to show respect for those murdered by terrorists, and for the families who will grieve until they are laid to rest.

If this mosque were to be built as a nondenominational House of God, where people of ALL faiths could come together to worship, there would be absolutely NO CONTROVERSY whatsoever. Fund-raising would be done and construction would have started.

Build your mosque and worship Allah. Just use some (common) sense and don’t build it within spitting distance of Ground Zero, because that is how most Americans feel – you are spitting on our dead.

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