A Moment in History

It was a watershed day yesterday; a moment in history for our military and military families when the last of the combat troops exited Iraq after completing a tough job.  Tens of thousands fought Saddam; his croonies; his crazies; al Qaeda; and locals who were just angry. Thousands left their lives there and tens of thousands suffered physical and mental injuries that will be with them and their families for the rest of their lives.

All who served in Iraq should look back on their service proudly, and know they had an important role in making history. They took down an evil, Yes, I said “EVIL”, regime and gave people an opportunity to make their country into something that the rest of the oppressed world could look upon with envy! An Iraqi Democracy. Notice I did not say an American Democracy in Iraq. They made an Iraqi Democracy. They were able to set aside, for the most part, tribal instincts and look to their country’s best interests. They did this in record time though it was not fast enough for some in this country.

Will this Middle Eastern experiment last? Who knows. I certainly hope so. Regardless, our military gave them an opportunity to succeed. A chance at freedom. Hope for their children’s future. The men and women of our military did what they needed to do to give this gift to the Iraqis. If the Iraqis squander this opportunity and fall back on their tribal instincts, it will not mean our military failed its mission. It means the Iraqis acted stupidly, and whatever that future holds is entirely their responsibility.

To all who served – Thank You! To all who were wounded – Thank You and know you are in my prayers! To the families of those who died – Thank You for you sacrifice. Please know I shed tears for each and everyone of you. You are always in my prayers.

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