Smartphone Dilemma

I have been a Verizon customer since before they were Airtouch which was back in the early 90s. My family and I went with them because of their service area. In a previous life I was the telecommunications manager and purchasing agent for a small Colorado municipality in the Denver metro area, and part of my job was to find better communication means for the Police, City Council, and staff. I could often be found roaming (no pun intended) the city streets with various handsets from numerous wireless providers to find the one(s) with the best overall service and capabilities. Verizon generally won hands down.

I started looking at the smartphones available from Verizon and their competitors. Well, I soon found out there are numerous options available to me. Multiple operating systems on half a dozen handsets. I have my mind pretty much made up as to which OS I want, but I don’t plan on endorsing any of them on this blog at this time. My dilemma is Verizon seems to be pretty proud of their data capabilities and charges accordingly. I currently spend about $100 a month for wireless service for two lines. Upgrading to smartphones for the two of us with Verizon’s version of unlimited data/text/mobileweb will roughly double the current $100. (If I get a tablet, I have to go with a competitor since Verizon doesn’t have a tablet, at least, not yet.) If I go with a competitor, the cost will be no less than $50/month cheaper. Theoretically, the competitor’s service is faster and more capable than Verizon’s service. A friend has a competitor’s service and has absolutely no complaints at all. He used to be with Verizon but changed because he could not justify the expense. Seems to me there is a theme here…

Verizon, you used to be a technological leader in all things wireless. Your competition is bringing out 4G. I assume you are at 3G, but you don’t really talk about it. Are you working on 4G or skipping to XG, or what? You are being awfully quiet, at least here in Colorado. Make me a deal; make me an offer I’d be foolish to refuse. Show me you want to keep me as a customer.

Otherwise, I’m gone by January, 2011.

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