Colorado Politics

So, the Colorado branch of the Republican Party doesn’t like who the people elected to run for Gov in November.  They believe the uneducated masses elected the wrong man – i.e. not their hand-picked candidate – and now want the people’s choice to withdraw because they don’t believe he can beat the Dem nominee.  What arrogance!  (He may not be able to beat the Dem nominee but that has more to do with the fact that Colorado is no longer a conservative state.  This state has become as liberal – excuse me, Progressive – as West coast and East coast states.)

I am very pleased that voters picked the candidate they wanted for Senate rather than the Party’s choice.  Gee, the Republican’s aren’t doing so well with their picks.  Maybe they should let the folks decide whom they want to run.  I know, what a stupid, radical idea, letting commoners make decisions.  Goodness, if this keeps up the next thing these people will want is their Constitutional Rights, and that just can not be allowed!

The Grand Old Party doesn’t understand we are fed up with their way of doing business.  We want new, fresh ideas and PEOPLE!  We don’t want them making decisions for us.  We don’t answer to them.  We want them to clean their house and elect new leaders.  Get rid of the “good ole’ boy” way of politics.

Note to the Colorado GOP:  There is a reason people like me have re-registered as Independents.  Your way of doing business doesn’t represent me nor my ideals.  Get the HELL out of my way!

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