So, Colorado and nine other states don’t want to comply with the MOVE Act, and allow those men and women serving overseas in our armed forces to vote. Imagine, 10 Secretary’s of State willingly and unlawfully desire to deny voting rights to those who VOLUNTEERED to place themselves in Harm’s Way. The rational behind this assault on basic American Rights? It’s too hard to implement MOVE Act requirements.

Oh please, too hard?! Pull your head(s) out and do the job you were elected to do. I am stunned this issue isn’t being discussed in the media. Why is it I have only heard about this on FOX and the WSJ®? I know I shouldn’t be surprised but it is disappointing just the same. It seems there is no respect nor belief in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights from any sector except a minority of individual Americans, and they are generally dismissed by politicians and media as Nazis or nut-jobs.

Question for these SOS: What Rights will you plead to withhold next and from whom? I am certain the withholding of Rights will not be imposed on any one or group that leans left. Are you acting on orders from Sec. Clinton, A.G. Holder, both, Ban-Ki Moon, or someone higher? Are you Governor’s involved in this? (I believe our Governor Ritter is involved up to his eyeballs – just a belief on my part. Nothing to substantiate it.)

We need to raise Cain with these folks and insist our state(s) are in full compliance with the law!

UPDATE: 6 p.m. MDT August 27, 2010  The Pentagon announced today they have rejected Colorado’s attempt to negate the military vote come November.  I am very pleased the Pentagon rejected Colorado’s lame excuse for not being compliant with voting laws.  There is no legitimate reason for Colorado to not be in compliance.  Remember, I said legitimate!  I am sure the ‘powers-that-be’ in this state will figure out a way to not count military absentee ballots or to even send them out in time for our military to vote.

Did anyone hear about this on the local news?  Just curious – can’t wait till morning to see if there’s a story in the Denver Post…


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