Technology & Old Guys

Okay. I am the first to acknowledge I am no tech whiz-kid or whiz-elder, whatever you prefer. I know just enough to be dangerous – to myself and others. Most notably because everyone knows I do NOT play well with others. It has to be done my way and by my rules which change as needed…  Nope, old guys don’t play fair!

I signed up with twitter and have posted some nonsensical stuff and some stuff that does make sense, but I digress. My twitter moniker is: PatriotPapa.  I am still learning how to direct tweet and all that other t-word stuff.  Haven’t made anyone’s PC or smartphone crash – yet…

I have also asked Google to allow me access to an Android App (beta) programming program. (redundant in a repetitive sort of way?) The wife and I want to get smartphones soon, and I thought it would be fun to play with app programming to see if I could come up with something useful for us mid-50s folks, and maybe others as well.  I’ve watched the programming videos and am absolutely fascinated with this system!  I am an OpenOffice advocate, and have been for a number of years – it is what I use to write the majority of my blog posts.  I don’t know the history of Android; though, I hope to before too much time passes.

Not sure if I want to wait till late November to purchase said phones and data programs. I may just ask Verizon how much it will cost to drop our service as we only have two and a half months left on our contract. No, I have no plans on staying with Verizon, with whom we have been with for over 17 years, because their data and voice programs are very expensive, and, to some extent, limited, plus they have modified some of their Android phones to list Bing and other MS programs instead of Android Apps.

I am excited about the technological advances we have seen the past couple of years with the tablets and smartphones, in particular. I watched, with not just a little envy, a news report showing a bunch of 5th and 6th graders who were handed brand new Aplle iPads to use for school work. How awesome was that? Not sure who provided the iPads, but they are to be congratulated for helping these kids. I hope other schools are able to do the same for their students before the school year is out!

This old guy is excited about technology and wants to embrace as much of it as he can and contribute to it as best he can.

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