What’s Going On? Part 2

Did you see the interview of the wife of the assassinated jet-ski rider on Fox & Friends this morning?  It was heartbreaking, to say the least!  The Mexican authorities are ignoring her requests to recover her husband’s remains, and, of course, our own President and his cabinet are ignoring her pleas, as well.   I’m guessing there is some sort of political gain to be had for them to blow her off.  This just breaks my heart.  I wish I were in a position to help her.  For our government to ignore her is unforgivable, and for the Mexican Government to ignore her cries for help is immoral.

Seems to me the local authorities should tell the Federal and Mexican authorities to go to hell and go find the man and bring him back to his family.  That probably won’t happen – no one in power wants an “international incident”. I guess those that have the power to do something are concerned about the reaction of the pirates/terrorists/drug cartels…  Our government won’t lift a finger to help for fear of insulting someone, other than a US citizen, and the Mexican authorities don’t have the ability, or the will power, to combat terrorists on their own soil.  Yes, I believe this was a terrorist attack on an American Citizen, and our own government refuses to stand up and protect its’ own people out of fear!

All I can do is pray God grants her, and the rest of the family, peace while this unfolds.

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