Republic for Which It Stands

Good morning, America. Today is Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Today is another miracle in the history of our Republic. For 230 plus years Americans have been asked to take and cede power over fellow Americans – peacefully. This is unheard of throughout history. Yes, there are numerous examples of democracies in current and ancient history; however, none, not one country before or after the formation of the United States of America, has a history of ceding non-violent control of government transitions except this incredible Republic known as the United states of America. Every time you exercise your right to vote you are living and creating history.

This country is the envy of the world; although, they will never say that in public. It is fashionable to say so. The proof of this is in the number of people who want to come here to live and work from all over the world. The vast majority of whom really do come here to improve their lot and not plot the destruction of this “Shining beacon on a hill”. These folks are what makes us great. They are us – we are them. Have you seen how a new citizen looks after they have cast their very first ballot? It is a moving experience not only for them but for those around them as well.

How do you look or act when you go vote? Are you excited? Happy? Bored? Is voting a tedious exercise that must be tolerated? Do you even bother to vote because “My vote won’t make a bit of difference.” Do you look upon your vote not as a right or responsibility, but as an optional behavior? If I have time I’ll go vote. I would vote if I’d registered. I’d vote if I got my absentee ballot. If, if, if… If you are willing to give up your right and responsibility to vote, what constitutional guarantees are you willing to forgo? Your vote does make a difference. By voting you have made your voice heard – remember, politicians work for the people. We do not work for them.

Please, know the issues, know who is running; do NOT vote a straight party ticket unless YOU decide that is the right way to cast your ballot. Vote responsibly, but VOTE! Vote like your future depends on it, because it does!

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VMT & Trusting Government to do the Right Thing!

The Denver Post suggests one solution to our road woes is to mandate the installation of government monitored/controlled GPS devices in every vehicle to track vehicle miles traveled. A so-called VMT fee. Are they serious? They want the government – state and federal, because the feds control GPS satellites – to have the ability to monitor our whereabouts 24 hours per day/7 days a week? I am sure we can trust the government to not abuse or misuse this information. Government at all levels is far too intrusive now. Would they feel better if tracking devices were surgically implanted in us so “fees” could be assessed by the state or feds for any reason whatsoever? Maybe the state legislature(s) should stop wasting monies received for road infrastructure we already receive by spending it as intended on the roads instead of new progressive social programs. Maybe Governors, legislators (at all state/local levels) quit believing the federal government when they say “We will fund these programs for you. You can trust us. Take the money, spend it, it’s free…”

I shouldn’t be surprised media types spout this kind of nonsense, but I am. How can someone who is supposed to be a watchdog of the government make such a suggestion to approve of such an intrusive measure? How many Constitutional violations would the implementation of this measure cause? How would the Fourth Estate respond if a group of citizens or a government agency caused a measure to be instituted that required news stories to be pre-approved by an appointed citizen group to ensure these stories don’t favor one side or another? Do you think they might get a tad upset? Might voice an opinion their Constitutional Rights are being violated? Might sue to have Freedom of Speech rights validated?

I have to wonder if the Denver Post, and possibly other media outlets, weren’t asked to float this idea to the ignorant masses to see if such a mandate is feasible? After all, the Post advocated implementation of SmartGrid technology which is an appalling privacy violation. Not only can utilities see your daily schedule, so can government monitoring agencies, all in the name of efficiency, of course. They claim the need to monitor our household activities is vital so resources can be better allocated. This is similar to the need to see us naked at the airport to combat terrorism. We were told these naked images of us would not be kept nor would an actual photo of us in or near the scanners be allowed. Gosh, guess what? Photos coupled with images are kept and are, apparently, showing up on the Internet. A TSA agent is in trouble with a local law enforcement agency after he beat up a co-worker who made fun of the size of his genitalia after seeing his body scan.

Sure, we can trust the government not to misuse private information they keep on citizens. After all, where in history has any government misused this information? It couldn’t possibly happen here, could it?

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No More Ashcroft or Change We Don’t Want?

I am not sure how many of you read the article posted on Fox Nation’s site regarding the DOJ’s changes to their website. This article appeared last week, but I did not write down the link – my bad. Apparently, the changes to the website were made quite some time ago. I went to and found, much to my dismay, the article is correct. The red, white and blue that was predominately displayed is gone and it has been replaced with a black and white banner.

The quote “The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people.” is posted on the black banner at page top. This quote is from C. Wilfred Jenks, a British lawyer, who was the Director-General of the ILO, ‘International Labour Organization’. According to The American Spectator, Mr. Jenks was a leading figure of the “international law” movement. A source inside the DOJ also told The American Spectator the change was because the flag page was too “Ashcroft”, too “political”. (

So, our United States Department of Justice thinks a quote from a believer in global law and global worker rights is appropriate. Are you kidding me? Mr. Attorney General Holder, what are you thinking? Are you thinking? What is wrong with using quote(s) from one of our Founding Fathers? What is wrong with using the Stars and Stripes as a background for our website? Are you ashamed of our country? Are you saying you prefer global/international law to our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Are you saying you will not enforce the law of the land except where it fits your ideals? Is this your “coming out” party where you drop all pretense of being in charge of defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights and instead want to change to UN International law and/or the law of Socialism or? I am sure you didn’t make this change without the blessing of your boss, President Obama.

What else are you changing, Mr. Holder? Will these changes take effect before or after the mid-term elections? Are you going to allow us to vote or will you declare some sort of emergency and nullify or postpone elections; the Constitution; the Bill of Rights, until an indeterminate time in the future? Is this the beginning of a Socialist takeover of our Republic? Or will you be more circumspect and make changes slowly and quietly so as not to alarm the masses? What are you up to Mr. Holder? I await your answer. America waits for your answer.