Security & Other TSA Myths

I’ve been reading loads of commentaries and 140 character opinions regarding the TSA and their “new” screening activities.  Let’s just say I am more than mildly annoyed at DHS, and, quite frankly, the US Government.  Instead of using security techniques that actually work, our government remains committed to political correctness at the expense of our Constitutional Rights.

The Israelis are the acknowledged world experts at all things security, and they think we are nuts!  The terrorists are in their caves and mud huts laughing at TSA attempts to keep us safe.  Everyone, except the brilliant minds at DHS, know these efforts are worse than futile.  It was said best by a security expert on TV over the weekend: Our security efforts are reactive, not proactive.  Amen to that!

The ACLU has gone to great lengths to make profiling illegal.  So, thanks to them, and their enablers, TSA feels it necessary and perfectly fine to grope, strip and humiliate Americans so we don’t offend someone.   Seems it is okay to humiliate Americans for appearance sake rather than being effective.  I am NOT surprised the ACLU is silent on these invasive search techniques.  What are they going to say?  Oops, profiling works…  Not on your life.  Political correctness is much more important than, say, our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I get angry when I see TSA agents near strip searching uniformed members of the military; I get angry when I see TSA agents fondling children; I get angry when I see TSA agents humiliate the elderly; the infirm; the general public, all in the name of national security.  What a frigging joke, people!  How long are we, as a nation, going to take this Big Government intrusion into our lives?  What is is going to take to get us to say NOStop Now!?  I am waiting for the next step in DHS attempts to keep us safe.

The next logical step taken by DHS/TSA will be when Pistole or whatever that goon’s name is, and Janet ‘Napoleon’, decide that because the Saudi’s found explosives in a terrorist’s anus, body cavity searches will be mandatory for all passengers.  Do you think Americans will drop and bend for this?  Or will they quit acting like sheep and tell the Feds “Enough is enough!”

Yes, I am disgusted.  Yes, I am angry – at the Feds and at Americans in general.  I think this nation has too many sheep as citizens and not enough Patriots.  Well sheep.  Prepare for another fleecing and who knows what else your government has in mind for you.

Get mad people.  Tell your government enough is enough!


No More Ashcroft or Change We Don’t Want?

I am not sure how many of you read the article posted on Fox Nation’s site regarding the DOJ’s changes to their website. This article appeared last week, but I did not write down the link – my bad. Apparently, the changes to the website were made quite some time ago. I went to and found, much to my dismay, the article is correct. The red, white and blue that was predominately displayed is gone and it has been replaced with a black and white banner.

The quote “The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people.” is posted on the black banner at page top. This quote is from C. Wilfred Jenks, a British lawyer, who was the Director-General of the ILO, ‘International Labour Organization’. According to The American Spectator, Mr. Jenks was a leading figure of the “international law” movement. A source inside the DOJ also told The American Spectator the change was because the flag page was too “Ashcroft”, too “political”. (

So, our United States Department of Justice thinks a quote from a believer in global law and global worker rights is appropriate. Are you kidding me? Mr. Attorney General Holder, what are you thinking? Are you thinking? What is wrong with using quote(s) from one of our Founding Fathers? What is wrong with using the Stars and Stripes as a background for our website? Are you ashamed of our country? Are you saying you prefer global/international law to our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Are you saying you will not enforce the law of the land except where it fits your ideals? Is this your “coming out” party where you drop all pretense of being in charge of defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights and instead want to change to UN International law and/or the law of Socialism or? I am sure you didn’t make this change without the blessing of your boss, President Obama.

What else are you changing, Mr. Holder? Will these changes take effect before or after the mid-term elections? Are you going to allow us to vote or will you declare some sort of emergency and nullify or postpone elections; the Constitution; the Bill of Rights, until an indeterminate time in the future? Is this the beginning of a Socialist takeover of our Republic? Or will you be more circumspect and make changes slowly and quietly so as not to alarm the masses? What are you up to Mr. Holder? I await your answer. America waits for your answer.

Personal Responsibility

My neighbor’s son, Luke, left for Marine boot camp today.  He just graduated from high school in May.  He signed on with the Marines in spite of my son, Luke, and I, trying to get him to join the Army.  I told him I might still talk to him even after he becomes a Marine.

I am very proud of Luke.  I am proud that he decided to join in spite of the fact that this country is at war with terrorism.  He volunteered to go through all the training that comes with becoming an American fighting man.  He volunteered to make the protection of our freedoms; our way of life; our Constitution and Bill of Rights his personal responsibility.  Let me say that again: He decided to make our freedoms as guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights his personal responsibility.  Yes, I am very proud of Luke.  He is one of the few to make this decision.  He joins a long line of men and women who have made the defense of our way of life their personal responsibility.

Luke makes the third young person to take the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from our cul-de-sac. I am proud of them all. Good luck young man. Embrace the suck!

Semper fi, Luke!

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So, Colorado and nine other states don’t want to comply with the MOVE Act, and allow those men and women serving overseas in our armed forces to vote. Imagine, 10 Secretary’s of State willingly and unlawfully desire to deny voting rights to those who VOLUNTEERED to place themselves in Harm’s Way. The rational behind this assault on basic American Rights? It’s too hard to implement MOVE Act requirements.

Oh please, too hard?! Pull your head(s) out and do the job you were elected to do. I am stunned this issue isn’t being discussed in the media. Why is it I have only heard about this on FOX and the WSJ®? I know I shouldn’t be surprised but it is disappointing just the same. It seems there is no respect nor belief in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights from any sector except a minority of individual Americans, and they are generally dismissed by politicians and media as Nazis or nut-jobs.

Question for these SOS: What Rights will you plead to withhold next and from whom? I am certain the withholding of Rights will not be imposed on any one or group that leans left. Are you acting on orders from Sec. Clinton, A.G. Holder, both, Ban-Ki Moon, or someone higher? Are you Governor’s involved in this? (I believe our Governor Ritter is involved up to his eyeballs – just a belief on my part. Nothing to substantiate it.)

We need to raise Cain with these folks and insist our state(s) are in full compliance with the law!

UPDATE: 6 p.m. MDT August 27, 2010  The Pentagon announced today they have rejected Colorado’s attempt to negate the military vote come November.  I am very pleased the Pentagon rejected Colorado’s lame excuse for not being compliant with voting laws.  There is no legitimate reason for Colorado to not be in compliance.  Remember, I said legitimate!  I am sure the ‘powers-that-be’ in this state will figure out a way to not count military absentee ballots or to even send them out in time for our military to vote.

Did anyone hear about this on the local news?  Just curious – can’t wait till morning to see if there’s a story in the Denver Post…

Mosques, Sensibilities, and the Bill of Rights

August 18, 2010

Mosques, sensibilities, opinions, and the Bill of Rights.

Well, I guess I should weigh in on the mosque controversy since I seem to be the only one in the world to not have done so already… Even though I don’t live anywhere near NYC and haven’t been there since the late 70s, I have the urge, just like politicians, to bless all those who hear and read, with my wisdom regrading this controversy. After all, Madame Speaker believes there is a (vast) conspiracy regarding opinions being bandied about, and wants an investigation into who is funding these opinions. I want my share of the funds as I have an opinion, too! Can anyone tell me what the price of an opinion is going for nowadays? (I could have been rich had I known people were paying for ’em. Heck, I’ve been giving ’em away free for most of my life!)

I am sure New Yorkers are waiting breathlessly for politicians from around the country to call press conferences so they can show how troubled or distressed they are with mosque opinions. They must be waiting for their opinion cash, I mean, campaign donations.

Yes, these folks can build their mosque wherever they choose with the proper permits. I don’t know if they will find any union crews willing to build their mosque, and I do believe you have to belong to a union to be in the construction industry in NYC and maybe the State of New York. They are free to practice their religion as guarenteed by the Bill of Rights. That said, building their mosque there isn’t a very friendly way to show respect for those murdered by terrorists, and for the families who will grieve until they are laid to rest.

If this mosque were to be built as a nondenominational House of God, where people of ALL faiths could come together to worship, there would be absolutely NO CONTROVERSY whatsoever. Fund-raising would be done and construction would have started.

Build your mosque and worship Allah. Just use some (common) sense and don’t build it within spitting distance of Ground Zero, because that is how most Americans feel – you are spitting on our dead.

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What Are We Missing?

September 23, 2009

With the goings on in D.C., it is hard to keep track of Obama and the Left’s agenda.  Let’s review the list: Health care reform, health insurance reform, stimulus, TARP, finance and industry bailouts, government takeover of the auto industry – or at least two-thirds of it, cap and trade, regulation of TARP bank salaries, Treasury proposal to regulate all private financial salaries, net neutrality, modified Fairness Doctrine, and, very quietly, that pesky political document, the Bill of Rights.  Is that the entire list?  I know I am missing something.  Of course I am.  That’s the name of this blog entry.

Why are Congress and the Obama Administration throwing so much at us so early in his presidency?  Could it be they know they have but a short window to enable laws and programs that otherwise would be rejected out of hand as over-reaching and harmful to our economy and our freedoms?  Why else are these bills rushed through without time for politicians and the public to read them.  In spite of promises to the contrary, President Obama’s team is not posting bills on the White House website five days prior to his signing them leaving us little opportunity to evaluate and make our thoughts known to our Senators and Representatives.

This Administration and (most of) Congress get angry when we questioned them during the August recess.  Oh, let’s not forget politicians calling U.S. citizens Nazis, Astroturf, extremists, racists, and un-American, all because we have the temerity to question Washington wisdom.  How rude of us…  For what reason could they be angry?  I keep forgetting the Obama Administration and Congress do know what is best for us, the common folk.  After all, it is the government’s job to take care of us.  They do have the proper training and knowledge to tell us, the common masses, what is in our best interest; we should just shut up and listen.  Thank God (Oops, sorry ACLU) for the government!  It’s not like we elected them to do a job for us.  You think they misunderstood and believe they are there to do a job on us?

America, what are we missing?  I am very concerned.  Are you?