Juan Williams

Let me be clear.  I do not agree with most of what Juan Williams says on air or in print.  However, I do enjoy listening to him because he is thoughtful in his remarks and actually listens to those he disagrees with without interrupting them.  He is a gentleman, and I like him.

It is appalling NPR fired Juan Williams for expressing an opinion on Fox’s Bill O’Reilly program last night.  According to NPR’s CEO Mr. Williams should have kept his opinion to himself and his therapist.  Whatever…  Had Mr. Williams criticized Christianity all would have been well and CAIR would have applauded and defended him rather than call for an action or whatever it was they demanded of NPR.

This PC crap is out of hand!  Many NPR “reporters/commentators” have said vile things about Christianity and conservatives with NO ACTION taken nor contemplated, as far as I know.  I guess if you are criticizing conservatives, Christians, and/or our military your job at NPR is secure.  It is my opinion that NPR wants to stifle 1st Amendment Rights of its employees – well, as long as their voiced opinions are in lock-step with NPR.  Lock-step; sounds like something from world history…  Oh yes, Hitler and Stalin demanded lock-step in action and voiced opinion from their people, or they disappeared in the middle of the night.

NPR should lose all taxpayer funding immediately, and should have to work for funding like any business, other than GM, Chrysler, and some financial institutions, or close shop.  If they can’t make it in the business world, too bad, so sad.  I sincerely hope folks across the country quit listening to NPR to help them stagger into oblivion.

Congratulations to Fox for signing Mr. Williams to an expanded role!  Smart move.

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