Oklahoma, Voters, Federal Judge & Sharia Law

I am of the opinion that it is time for the states to start taking care of themselves – even form alliances with like-minded states.  No, I am not talking secession.  I am talking about telling Federal Judges to mind their own damn business and implement the Constitutional change the voters of Oklahoma overwhelmingly approved.  I know a voting citizen of Oklahoma is upset.  Well, too bad, get over it.  The voters have spoken and it is NOT up to a Federal Judge to decide if she likes it.  I know Judges could care less what the law says as they think they are Gods themselves.  Well, Oklahoma Secretary of State, I suggest you tell the Federal Judge to get off her high horse and go find a real job, and then certify the election and add the lawfully passed amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution.

Concerned with US Marshals coming to visit?  Don’t be.  You’ve got the OHP and the National guard, not to speak of local law enforcement agencies.  They out number the Marshals and you have plenty of jail space for Marshals intent on being stupid.  You could also arrest the Judge and charge her with numerous crimes including: treason, dereliction of duty, et al.

Sadly, the Federal Government has become unresponsive and irrelevant in our society.   Yes, the election results hold the possibility of improving the welfare of the state, but, remember, politicians were elected, and they cold care less, generally speaking, of what is best for our country.  Politicians are in it for themselves, period, so don’t hold your breath waiting for D.C. to improve economic and social conditions in the U.S.

States are going to have to take charge to make any worthwhile change in our country.  Look at the border states.  Have the Feds done anything to improve the safety and welfare of the citizens of those areas?  No, all the Feds have done is post warning signs to keep Americans off American soil.  The Federal Government is so inept it cannot protect American citizens from narco-terrorists and thugs who roam freely about our country.  What the Feds can do is sue states that try to protect their citizens, as is their responsibility.  According to the Feds, all of the citizens of the border states are expendable, and are worth less than illegals swarming into our country.

Enough is enough.


TSA Screenings or Pornography?

I have never been a fan of airport passenger screenings, even when they were relatively benign.  I have always thought they were a violation of my Constitutional Rights.  Why the Federal Government believes it has the right to infringe on my ability to fly escapes me – other than they can.  Recent “improvements” to airport screenings now just piss me off.  Please excuse my language, but it really does make me mad!

I’ve been reading lots of stories about how TSA employees are abusing citizens either in the full body scanners – read strip search – to full body feel-ups, not pat-downs.  I, for one, have absolutely no plans or desire to ever fly again.  What I look like sans clothing is nobody’s business but my wife and my Doctor.  It sure as the dickens isn’t some TSA rent-a-cop who wouldn’t have any idea what to do with a terrorist, if they could figure out what one looks like.

Look, I am no fan of the ACLU, but I really hope they decide to get ticked off about these strip searches, and file a whopper of a lawsuit for unreasonable searches and child pornography.  I also hope law enforcement watches these folks at TSA, and if they are found to have captured and sent images out-of-network, they prosecute them.  I know, TSA and DHS say images can’t be captured or sent across the Internet.  Well, that moronic statement has already been disproven, hasn’t it.  We have all seen the photos that have been posted on news sites with the “special” areas blurred.  Bet they weren’t blurred when the newsies got them.

Folks, it is time DHS, TSA, the White House, and Congress heard our voices.  We need to tell them “No more electronic strip searches, and No more feel ups of Americans!”  If more folks refused to be groped and manhandled and quit flying, I bet the airlines would spit and sputter all the way to Congress.  I do not recall which of our Founders said it, but: “Those who willingly give up Liberty for Security have neither.”  Well, do you feel safer now that our government is watching and feeling you in all your glory?

What is going on?

What is going on in the south?  Areas are posted, by the Federal Government, basically stating certain areas of our country are off-limits to us.  What?  Park lands, open areas/spaces are off-limits to us?  Off-limits because Mexican drug gangs and illegal immigrants are threatening US citizens, and have, in fact, killed Americans, shot and wounded Americans on their own property.  This is absolutely unacceptable!

Earlier this week pirates killed a man jet skiing on a Texas lake, and shot at his wife forcing her to leave her husband behind – dead, in the water.  Pirates?  Here instead of the waters off Somolia?  To coin a phrase – This is BS!  Mexican Terrorists are murdering American citizens in our backyard.  Where is the outrage?  Where is the media?  Why isn’t our own government doing something to stop this?  No, I am not laying the blame entirely on President Obama or this Congress.  This goes back much further than the current Administration.  This whole mess goes back longer than I’ve been alive, and that means mid-1950s.

Well, the problem can no longer be ignored.  There is a war being waged on our southern border.  The Border Patrol is not large enough nor strong enough to wage this war.  Nor is it their job.  Private citizens should not have to wonder if they are going to be engaged by hostile forces for the simple act of walking out of their own homes, into their front or back yards.  Why is this being allowed to happen?  Why is this a political event?

Mr. President.  Members of Congress.  There is a war being waged on our southern border.  This is a Clear and Present Danger to the security of the United States of America!  Our military must be deployed to our southern border and they must be authorized to engage and destroy the enemies of our Country by force of arms.  This war is no different than those being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan, and should be treated in the same manner.

Mr. President, let loose the Dogs of War! If it takes our troops maneuvering into Mexico to close with and kill the enemy, so be it.  Mexico seems unwilling or unable to control the enemies within, so we must do it for them!  Who knows what alliances drug cartels have made with Al Qaeda, Taliban, and/or other terrorist organizations.  These cartels are killing private citizens,politicians, journalists, police, and military personnel for the crime of not agreeing to be controlled by these Drug Kings.  They are terrorists themselves.  This is not a law enforcement situation!  This is War!  This war needs to be fought like a real war and not just given lip service.

Mr. President.  You need to take action immediately!  This is within your power as Commander-in-Chief to resolve.  You swore an oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Mr. President, don’t you think it is time for you to abide by that oath?  Otherwise, can you tell us, what is going on?