Federal Kontrol

So, our government now: owns car companies; banks; controls food source & supply; controls the Internet; makes us believe they have given us a gift by not allowing income taxes to go back up.  TSA expands their reach to the nations highways, bus terminals, and weigh stations.  TSA?  They are not even a law enforcement agency!  What the hell?!?  What is next?  A new arms treaty that benefits the Ruskies?  Forcing Border Patrol Agents to use rubber bullets to defend themselves from terrorists using real bullets?

Enough people.  The elections showed that NO politician can be trusted.  RINOs simply caved on all these votes – is that what they promised to do for passage of the income tax extension?  For two frigging years!?!  It’s a good thing I’m not hooked up to a BP cuff – it would be off the chart!!!

Neither the federal government nor the politicians and appointees represent the people anymore.  Nor have they for the last 15/20 years.  Time for change, indeed!

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What Are We Missing?

September 23, 2009

With the goings on in D.C., it is hard to keep track of Obama and the Left’s agenda.  Let’s review the list: Health care reform, health insurance reform, stimulus, TARP, finance and industry bailouts, government takeover of the auto industry – or at least two-thirds of it, cap and trade, regulation of TARP bank salaries, Treasury proposal to regulate all private financial salaries, net neutrality, modified Fairness Doctrine, and, very quietly, that pesky political document, the Bill of Rights.  Is that the entire list?  I know I am missing something.  Of course I am.  That’s the name of this blog entry.

Why are Congress and the Obama Administration throwing so much at us so early in his presidency?  Could it be they know they have but a short window to enable laws and programs that otherwise would be rejected out of hand as over-reaching and harmful to our economy and our freedoms?  Why else are these bills rushed through without time for politicians and the public to read them.  In spite of promises to the contrary, President Obama’s team is not posting bills on the White House website five days prior to his signing them leaving us little opportunity to evaluate and make our thoughts known to our Senators and Representatives.

This Administration and (most of) Congress get angry when we questioned them during the August recess.  Oh, let’s not forget politicians calling U.S. citizens Nazis, Astroturf, extremists, racists, and un-American, all because we have the temerity to question Washington wisdom.  How rude of us…  For what reason could they be angry?  I keep forgetting the Obama Administration and Congress do know what is best for us, the common folk.  After all, it is the government’s job to take care of us.  They do have the proper training and knowledge to tell us, the common masses, what is in our best interest; we should just shut up and listen.  Thank God (Oops, sorry ACLU) for the government!  It’s not like we elected them to do a job for us.  You think they misunderstood and believe they are there to do a job on us?

America, what are we missing?  I am very concerned.  Are you?

Celebrity love by Politicians & Media

September 17, 2009

Why do politicians and the media pay so much attention to celebrities?  I am not talking about reports of drug use, misbehavior or their latest scandal.  I am talking about the attention they get when they start spouting off about politics, national security and social issues.  Politicians invite celebrities to speak at televised hearings on a host of issues and treat them like experts without serious questioning.  The media give celebrities a platform to render their opinions and throw softball questions to reinforce their “expertise” to the viewing public.

Some celebrities do, in fact, study issues and are able to become “lay experts” while others become “lay experts” on various social issues.  Bono’s work for feeding Africa is a good example.  Most celebrities, primarily actors, words and stated opinions are given deference as fact without acknowledging a simple fact: Actors simply regurgitate what is fed them.  They Act, period.  Most times they don’t even know they are acting.  Look at the marriage and divorce rates.  They live in a fantasy world and wouldn’t know reality if it smacked them in the face.  I won’t say they are incapable of original thought, but…

Yes, they have the same right of free speech all Americans enjoy, but the deference they are shown as opposed to everyday Americans like “Joe the Plumber” makes one nauseous.  Do you suppose politicians will invite regular citizens to testify in committee sessions?  Do you suppose media outlets will invite regular citizens to be interviewed on their thoughts on issues they deem important?  I don’t think so either.

Healthcare & Health Insurance Reform

September 9, 2009

Healthcare and Health Insurance Reform: I have several issues with the bills being bandied about in Congress.  A major overhaul of the entire healthcare industry is not the best approach to fix what ails it.  The law of unintended consequences always rears its ugly head when Congress enacts one-size fits all laws.  Just look at what is happening with the lead paint issue with children’s toys.  What they saw as a reasonable approach to the Chinese lead paint problem has impacted businesses and individuals across the country.  I know lead paint causes serious illnesses when ingested by children, but when was the last time you saw a toddler sucking on painted shocks or frame of a small motorcycle?

If Congress would address insurance portability and outlaw the practice of having to look for new insurance every time you move to a new state, costs could be significantly reduced.  Congress could also address denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions within portability legislation.  That would significantly reduce the cost for everyone because risks would be spread throughout a much larger coverage pool.

How about tort reform?  I am NOT talking about eliminating redress of real problems patients encounter through misdiagnosis or carelessness.  I am talking about ambulance chasers who hire people, doctors and specialists to fake illness and diagnoses.  You’ve seen the ads on TV.  I was so pleased when a Texas Judge sanctioned a large law firm when she saw that plaintiffs and experts were being recycled on multiple lawsuits. The majority of doctors greatly care about the welfare of their patients and would never purposely harm them.  These same doctors are paying through the nose for outrageous malpractice coverage.

The same goes for pharmaceutical companies.  Do you really believe these companies develop new drugs with the intent to injure patients?  They are for profit businesses and they understand bad press resulting from unsavory reactions or deaths from their products is not good for business.  Yes, drugs are expensive.  It costs a lot to research, develop, and test new drugs for all the nasty health problems that haven’t been cured yet – sometimes decades to get a drug out that is fit for human consumption.  Their insurance is also incredibly expensive.  Couple that with frivolous lawsuits designed to encourage out-of-court settlements and BINGO!  Major bucks that could be used more efficiently are flying out the door.  By the time lawyers pay all their expenses and take their fee how much is left for the victims?

I do not trust our Federal Government with six plus percent of our GDP.  The Federal Government is much too large as it is.  Can you imagine the size of the agency and the near immediate backlog of treatment approvals that will only get worse?  No, I don’t believe “death panels” and all that garbage would be a part of our healthcare system.  I do believe; however, rationing of care would become the norm and people would die waiting for treatment.  Look at the stats for prostate cancer in England, if you’d like an example.   Canada nor any other country with a socialized health system is much better.  Yes, I said the “S” word.  What else can you call it if the government runs it, pays for it and approves it?

I don’t know what the President is going to say tonight about this.  I am DVRing his speech so I can pause or rewind as necessary to better comprehend what is being offered.