Republic for Which It Stands

Good morning, America. Today is Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Today is another miracle in the history of our Republic. For 230 plus years Americans have been asked to take and cede power over fellow Americans – peacefully. This is unheard of throughout history. Yes, there are numerous examples of democracies in current and ancient history; however, none, not one country before or after the formation of the United States of America, has a history of ceding non-violent control of government transitions except this incredible Republic known as the United states of America. Every time you exercise your right to vote you are living and creating history.

This country is the envy of the world; although, they will never say that in public. It is fashionable to say so. The proof of this is in the number of people who want to come here to live and work from all over the world. The vast majority of whom really do come here to improve their lot and not plot the destruction of this “Shining beacon on a hill”. These folks are what makes us great. They are us – we are them. Have you seen how a new citizen looks after they have cast their very first ballot? It is a moving experience not only for them but for those around them as well.

How do you look or act when you go vote? Are you excited? Happy? Bored? Is voting a tedious exercise that must be tolerated? Do you even bother to vote because “My vote won’t make a bit of difference.” Do you look upon your vote not as a right or responsibility, but as an optional behavior? If I have time I’ll go vote. I would vote if I’d registered. I’d vote if I got my absentee ballot. If, if, if… If you are willing to give up your right and responsibility to vote, what constitutional guarantees are you willing to forgo? Your vote does make a difference. By voting you have made your voice heard – remember, politicians work for the people. We do not work for them.

Please, know the issues, know who is running; do NOT vote a straight party ticket unless YOU decide that is the right way to cast your ballot. Vote responsibly, but VOTE! Vote like your future depends on it, because it does!

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State Department Shenannigans

September 22, 2009

Why is the Obama Administration penalizing the Honduran Government?  Former President Zeyala attempted to illegally change the Honduran Constitution to enable him to remain in office for life.  He appears to be inspired by Chavez of Venezuela and Morales of Bolivia.

Honduras is a democratically operated government, and when Zeyala attempted this illegal maneuver the Honduran Supreme Court rejected his attempt and ordered his arrest.  The military arrested him and he was sent into exile.  For acting to protect their constitution our Secretary of State ordered visa suspensions for most of the Honduran Government.  Other sanctions have followed as has condemnation from our President, Secretary of State, and political leaders.  Our President and Secretary of State are demanding Zeyala be re-instated or more severe sanctions will be brought.

Why?  Why is Honduras protecting its own Constitution a bad thing?  They were following their laws – Zeyala was not.  In spite of the awful rhetoric directed from D.C. to Honduras the Hondurans are standing strong in support of their democracy.  The military acted to preserve the Constitution at the direction of their Supreme Court.  It was not the usual military coup installing yet another despot.  They withdrew and an interim President was appointed.  Elections were not canceled nor were rights and freedoms enjoyed by citizens suspended.

What goal(s) is the U.S. pursuing with these demands?  What is the purpose of these U.S. demands?  Does our government really prefer a Socialist government in Honduras?  If so, why and does this stand by the Obama Administration pose a danger to our Republic?

A Silent Partner of the Republic

September 12, 2009

I have been a silent partner in our Republic straying from the ideals of our founding fathers all of my adult life.  NO MORE! By my silence I have allowed Congress to strip away more and more of our rights through legislative shenanigans.  Let me rephrase; by OUR silence, WE have allowed Congress to strip away more and more of our rights.

WE have allowed lobbyists, special interest groups, and a host of others to manipulate congress to make “exceptions” to the rule of law.  Now we have a super majority of representatives in both houses who believe they know better than the people who put them there.  (Yes, both parties are guilty of this.)  These politicians “know” they are smarter than the citizens they “represent”; therefore, it is their duty to tell us what are to do.  It is their duty to tell us how to live our lives.  It is their duty to tell us how they will spend our money.  Do you get the picture yet?  They believe it is their duty – no, better yet, their right to tell us how to live our lives – and you know what?  WE deserve it!  Why?  Because, WE, by our silence, have allowed them to raise themselves up as our secular saviors – our parental figures.  They consider us but children who are just a bit “slow” in being able to “get it”.

My response has been to just mouth the words “well, let’s just throw all the bums out and start over”.  Whoa, strong words…  NOT! Sure, we can vote some of them out, but the majority is so strongly supported by PACs and special interest groups that the chance of starting anew is remote, at best.  Our founders never envisioned legislative posts as full-time jobs.  Our founders meant it when they said “Of the people” and “By the people”!

WE can have all the tea parties we want, but I don’t believe they will hear us much less act.  After all, when the press covered these parties they were derided by both politicians and that same press as “right-wing extremists”; “Astroturf”; “Brown shirts”, et al.  Our elected officials are deriding us?  Our elected officials are smearing us and insinuating we are “un-American” for exercising our First Amendment Rights?

WHO THE HELL DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE? They supposedly work for us.  Instead, they pass legislation giving themselves privileges.  They pass legislation that is unnecessary and unpopular.  After all, they do know what is best…  And as such, they feel entitled, at our expense, to grant themselves largesse.  Does this sound familiar?  It should – monarchs and dictators have been ruling this way for centuries, including King George and the Soviet Central Committee.  King George and Parliament are why we revolted and fought for our Republic in the first place.

What can we do?  We can call and write our elected officials and remind them they are employed by us.  We can remind them they are there to do the work of ALL the people and not of unions, special interest groups, and their bank accounts.  We can remind them they WILL be held accountable for their action or inaction as our representative(s).  As the President said he would do, “WE will call you out!”  Please be civil but firm in your interactions with your Representatives and Senators.

The argument that a majority of Americans elected this Administration and Congress and they are just doing what they were elected to do.  True, to a point.  The majority of Americans are not in favor of all the legislation currently being debated in committee and on the floors of Congress.  The “We won” comment used to justify the current state of affairs is nothing short of insulting and is incredibly arrogant!  The majority of Americans are not in favor of recently passed legislation, particularly TARP and stimulus – including the refunds of 2008.  “Gosh Mommy; Gosh Daddy, you going to give me back some of the money I earned?  Wow, Thank you Mommy and Daddy.  I really appreciate it”.  Give us a break!  WE are not stupid.  WE are not your children.  WE are Americans.  WE expect you to do our bidding.  WE expect you to earn your keep as OUR voice and in doing so call out those that embrace corruption and power to advance themselves.

God bless America!