Republic for Which It Stands

Good morning, America. Today is Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Today is another miracle in the history of our Republic. For 230 plus years Americans have been asked to take and cede power over fellow Americans – peacefully. This is unheard of throughout history. Yes, there are numerous examples of democracies in current and ancient history; however, none, not one country before or after the formation of the United States of America, has a history of ceding non-violent control of government transitions except this incredible Republic known as the United states of America. Every time you exercise your right to vote you are living and creating history.

This country is the envy of the world; although, they will never say that in public. It is fashionable to say so. The proof of this is in the number of people who want to come here to live and work from all over the world. The vast majority of whom really do come here to improve their lot and not plot the destruction of this “Shining beacon on a hill”. These folks are what makes us great. They are us – we are them. Have you seen how a new citizen looks after they have cast their very first ballot? It is a moving experience not only for them but for those around them as well.

How do you look or act when you go vote? Are you excited? Happy? Bored? Is voting a tedious exercise that must be tolerated? Do you even bother to vote because “My vote won’t make a bit of difference.” Do you look upon your vote not as a right or responsibility, but as an optional behavior? If I have time I’ll go vote. I would vote if I’d registered. I’d vote if I got my absentee ballot. If, if, if… If you are willing to give up your right and responsibility to vote, what constitutional guarantees are you willing to forgo? Your vote does make a difference. By voting you have made your voice heard – remember, politicians work for the people. We do not work for them.

Please, know the issues, know who is running; do NOT vote a straight party ticket unless YOU decide that is the right way to cast your ballot. Vote responsibly, but VOTE! Vote like your future depends on it, because it does!

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