Terrorism at Fort Hood?

Initial reports state the murders at Fort Hood today were not terror-related.  The shootings were performed by a Major, a shrink, who converted to Islam, who was upset about an upcoming deployment to either Iraq or Afghanistan.  Two other soldiers are considered suspects and are in custody.

The FBI said “terrorism isn’t even being discussed” (paraphrased).  Well, why not?  Was an act of terror not committed?  Were people in the areas of the shooting not terrified?  Are families not terrified as they have not heard from their loved one(s)?  Are children, still in lock-down at school two hours or more after the school day is finished not terrified?  Are their parents not terrified because they can not get to their children to comfort them and possibly give them the news that Mommy or Daddy won’t be coming home anymore?

What is the difference between this event and “confirmed” terrorist attacks?  None in my opinion!  The killing of innocents by whatever means is an Act of Terror!  It does not matter whether a bomb, airplane, or firearm is used to murder one, a dozen , or thousands of innocents.  An ACT OF TERROR IS TERRORISM regardless how the pundits or government want to paint the picture!  Is their a reason the military and the Administration don’t want to call this what it is – Terrorism?

Are they afraid they will be blamed for this idiot’s murderer’s actions?  They shouldn’t be – nobody in their right mind could make that accusation without looking the fool.  Even the military can not know the mind-set of every soldier, no more than the FBI can know the mind of every criminal.

It is a soldier’s right to moan and complain.  It wouldn’t be the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, or Air Force if the troops didn’t bitch about something.  Something; however, caused this (these) soldier(s) to cross the line and murder their own.

My guess?  Islam, at least on the Major’s part.  Why else would he be upset about a deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan and wage war on Islamic Terrorists?  Did he believe the war is about Islam, or, was he a believer in Jihad?  Maybe we will find out after the two suspects are interrogated, if they were involved.

A Terrorist attack destroyed a part of the ‘Band of Brothers’ today.  It did not, and will not have the desired effect Terrorists so desperately want – the destruction of our military and the crumbling of morale.  If anything, the Army and the rest of our military will become closer, stronger, and much more eager to bring the fight to the Jihadii’s doorstep!

HOOAH! Our thoughts and prayers are with you Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coasties, and your families, always!

NOTE:  It appears the gunman survived in spite of being shot four times by a heroic civilian police sgt who was wounded in the firefight.  Numerous reports, none substantiated, have him saying or yelling Jihadist statements before and during the assault.  It is still my opinion this was a Terrorist attack!


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  1. Yes. The event at Fort Hood is without question a new incarnation of terror-
    links at:

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